Take guessing out of the equation.

We've done the hard part, so you dont have to. Rest easy knowing the products we sell are made with the highest integrity.

Leaving a lighter footstep for future generations. Founded on a love for fashion & nature, Bloom aspires to contribute to a clean future. We carry products that are ethically made from deadstock fabrics, recycled materials, natural dyes & clean production. Shopping with us means caring for your health, and the health of our beloved Ma' Earth!

Don't Panic ~ We're actually here for the Planet

We uphold high standards when it comes to sustainability. By sourcing natural planet friendly or organic materials, recycled(plastic last forever, might as well use it!), and deadstock fabrics, we keep you & our planet happy!

Merge the Gap

Merge the gap between art & activism. Bloom's ongoing exploration of sustainability extends beyond our store, rooting deep into local culture. Evoking new perspectives, questioning the status quo, & speaking out about beliefs ~ art and activism often share the same underlying motivations that inspire change & lead the way to a bright future.

Here For A Lifetime ~ Not A Season

We believe the best way to limit your impact is to buy quality goods that will last a lifetime. Over 1 billion pounds of clothing are produced each year, let's do our best to keep clothing out of the landfill and in the rotation.

Stronger Together

Time is no longer a luxury in the face of a polluted environment! We all have a part to play as we move in the direction of restoring our planet. Our aim is to create a new blueprint for fashion businesses ~ one that makes true sustainability an accessible reality.