About Us

Founded on a love for fashion & nature. 

BLOOM is sustainable by default.

We carry products that are ethically made from deadstock fabrics, recycled materials, natural dyes & clean production. Shopping with us means caring for your health, and the health of our beloved Ma' Earth!

Meet Lindsey

Growing up on Kaua’i gave me a strong appreciation for nature-and she needs to be protected! 

My idea for Let Love Bloom started when I was attending the online fashion design course at Parsons School of Design. I loved being creative & designing new pieces but honestly wasn’t feeling like design was fulfilling me at that moment.

I’ve spent so much of my life trying to be a conscious consumer-from going vegan to the zero waste trash in jar movement, plastic free, carrying reusable everything around with me at all times, DIY skin & home products & strictly shopping second hand. Sustainable living is my jam!

Creating a shop that is curated & designed by me & made up of fully sustainable brands felt needed in this world. All within the same week of signing my lease-I found out I was pregnant! Here I am, raising two babies at once. Both with the goal making the world a better place with good humans.

Sustainable by default. Bc why shop anyway else?